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HMD Hot Metal Detector


HMD Hot Metal Detector

HMD Hot Metal Detector

HMD Sensing System

The HMD Sensing System is a Hot Metal Detector for sensing material at temperatures over 500°C (932°F). Thanks to its two parts design, it is able to detect products which are not in its direct field of view (due to physical obstructions, limited space, etc.), even in areas of high ambient temperature.

Because of its rugged design it withstands the severe environmental conditions of the steel industry.

Main HMD Unit HMD-01

This is main HMD system unit containing Electronic Circuit which Process the signal collected by Sensor Unit and produce the Output. The Electronic Circuit includes the regulated power supply, detected signal amplifier and relay output.

Sensor Unit Sensor S-01

Sensor unit receives power from the Main HMD Unit, HMD01, and detects the infra-red energy emitted by the object, reconditions it suitably and send it to Main HMD Unit for further processing and generating the output.

Principal of operation

The infra-red radiation emitted by the hot product is collected by the photosensitive element present in the Sensor unit S01. The photocell signal is processed by the electronic circuit present in the Main HMD Unit HMD01 which outputs the detection signal.